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Answering the question "Where do I start?"


3 years ago I was out to dinner with Melinda, her husband and several other couples when the topic of gluten-free menu options came up. We had just finished ordering and Melinda was confirming with the waiter which items on the menu were gluten-free . I asked her why she was ordering gluten-free and she described the health issues she suffered from and how going gluten-free had really changed her life. As she described her previous symptoms, I noted that I also had many of those same health issues. She suggested that I try going gluten-free for two weeks to see if I felt any different. Melinda provided me a crash course on gluten and its effects on the body over the course of our meal. She even offered my wife recipes and shopping tips to aid in this venture. A day or so later, I began my gluten free journey, with the intent of trying it for a couple weeks. Within one week my gastrointestinal symptoms nearly disappeared! I consulted with numerous physicians about my symptoms over the course of more than 20 years, and not one suggested a gluten free approach to my diet. Melinda's coaching and encouragement changed my life!
-John B.